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Candidates by Party - 1923 General Election

27 August 1923

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 Constituency  Party   Candidate Photo Sex
Carlow Kilkenny Edward Broughan
Carlow Kilkenny Michael Barry
Carlow Kilkenny Patrick Gaffney*
Carlow Kilkenny Thomas Bolger
Cavan Henry O'Reilly
Cavan Patsy Sheridan
Cavan Patrick Farrelly
Cavan Patrick McQuaid
Cavan Thomas McKenna
Cavan Walter L Cole*
Clare Batt Skehan
Clare Frank Barrett
Clare James O'Regan
Clare Michael Comyn
Clare Michael Hehir
Clare Patrick Ryan
Clare Patrick MacNamara
Clare Patrick Kelly
Clare Peter O'Loughlin
Clare Thomas Honan
Cork Borough Con Lucey
Cork Borough Frederick Murray
Cork Borough Captain Jeremiah Collins
Cork Borough Sir John Scott
Cork Borough Richard Anthony
Cork Borough Robert Day*
Cork Borough Timothy Corcoran
Cork Borough William Kenneally
Cork East Cornelius Molan
Cork East Daniel Hegarty
Cork East David O'Gorman
Cork East Seamus Fitzgerald
Cork East William Fahy
Cork North Edward Neville
Cork North John Lynch
Cork West Daniel O'Leary
Cork West Daniel McCarthy
Cork West Daniel Minihane
Cork West David Connor
Cork West John Lehane
Cork West Joseph O'Mahony
Cork West Maurice Donegan
Cork West Michael Scully
Cork West Robert Kelly
Cork West William Hales
Donegal Andrew Lowry
Donegal Brian Monaghan
Donegal Daniel McMenamin
Donegal Denis Houston
Donegal Edward Gallen
Donegal H J O'Kelly
Donegal Henry McGowan
Donegal Hugh Law
Donegal Michael McNelis
Donegal Neil Faulkner
Donegal Samuel O'Flaherty
Dublin County Batt O'Connor
Dublin County Bernard Kavanagh
Dublin County Conn Murphy
Dublin County David Barry
Dublin County George Duffy
Dublin County James Ashe
Dublin County John McCabe
Dublin County John Rooney
Dublin County John Fitzsimons
Dublin County Michael O'Reilly
Dublin County Philip Ryan
Dublin County Seán Healy
Dublin County Seán MacEntee
Dublin North Daithi O'Donoghue
Dublin North Edward O'Carroll
Dublin North Henry O'Hanrahan
Dublin North James Whelan
Dublin North James Clark
Dublin North John Lawlor
Dublin North Kevin Kenny
Dublin North Patrick McIntyre
Dublin North Patrick Daly
Dublin North Seamus Hughes
Dublin South Sir Andrew Beattie
Dublin South Bernard Shields
Dublin South Edward O'Kelly
Dublin South Edward Tucker
Dublin South George Lyons
Dublin South James Shanks
Dublin South John Farrelly
Dublin South Michael O'Mullane
Dublin South Patrick Munden
Dublin South Patrick Byrne
Dublin South Patrick Medlar
Dublin South William McCabe
Dublin South William O'Brien
Galway Anthony Fallon
Galway Colm O'Gaora
Galway James Haverty
Galway James Hoban
Galway John Quinn
Galway John McNally
Galway Martin Finnerty
Galway Martin Egan
Galway Prof Michael Tierney
Galway Michael O'Brien
Galway Patrick Curley
Galway Patrick Conroy
Galway Thomas Dillon
Galway Thomas Sloyan
Galway William Dolly
Kerry Cormac Walsh
Kerry Denis Brosnan
Kerry E J Gleeson
Kerry Jeremiah McSweeney
Kerry John O'Neill
Kerry Patrick Casey
Kerry Thomas O'Donnell
Kerry Thomas Dennehy
Kildare Art O'Connor
Kildare Donal Buckley
Kildare Michael Smyth
Kildare Simon Malone
Kildare Thomas Lawler
Kildare Thomas Harris
Leitrim Sligo Denis Mulcahy
Leitrim Sligo Henry Depew
Leitrim Sligo James O'Rourke
Leitrim Sligo James Gilligan
Leitrim Sligo Jeremiah O'Connell
Leitrim Sligo John Lynch
Leitrim Sligo Laurence Hayden
Leitrim Sligo Martin Roddy
Leitrim Sligo Patrick O'Neill
Leitrim Sligo Tom O'Donnell
Leitrim Sligo William Pilkington
Leix Offaly Andrew Byrne
Leix Offaly Daniel Kennedy
Leix Offaly Denis Cullen
Leix Offaly Francis Doorley
Leix Offaly Joseph Delaney
Leix Offaly Patrick Belton
Leix Offaly Patrick J Gorry
Leix Offaly Patrick Bermingham
Leix Offaly Seán Kelly
Limerick Anthony Mackey
Limerick Bartholomew Laffan
Limerick James O'Brien
Limerick John Smith
Limerick John Quaid
Limerick Kate O'Callaghan
Limerick Matthew Murphy
Limerick Michael P Colivet
Limerick Michael Cleary
Limerick Michael Keyes
Limerick Patrick Walsh
Limerick William O'Brien
Limerick William Larkin
Longford Westmeath Francis McGuinness
Longford Westmeath Francis Phillips
Longford Westmeath Hubert Wilson
Longford Westmeath Hugh Garahan
Longford Westmeath James Victory
Longford Westmeath James Carrigy
Longford Westmeath John Gavin
Longford Westmeath Seán O'Farrell
Longford Westmeath Thomas Redmond
Longford Westmeath Thomas Groarke
Louth Cathal O'Shannon
Louth Patrick McGee
Mayo North Archie Heron
Mayo North Charles Flynn
Mayo North John Ruane
Mayo North Joseph Kelly
Mayo North Michael Keaveney
Mayo North Oliver O'Connor
Mayo North Patrick O'Hara
Mayo North Timothy O'Sullivan
Mayo South Charles Bewley
Mayo South Michael O'Connor
Mayo South P J O'Malley
Mayo South Peter Tuohy
Mayo South Thomas Derrig
Meath Christopher Matthews
Meath Sceilg O'Kelly
Meath Patrick White
Meath Thomas Clinton
Monaghan Hugh Maguire
Monaghan James Johnston
Monaghan James Barnes
Monaghan James Coburn
National University of Ireland Prof Agnes O'Farrelly
National University of Ireland Prof Hugh Ryan
National University of Ireland Prof William Stockley
Roscommon Edward Cline
Roscommon Gerald Davis
Roscommon Henry Fitzgibbon
Roscommon James Moran
Roscommon Jasper Tully
Roscommon John Drury
Roscommon Liam Kelleher
Roscommon Michael Brennan
Roscommon Patrick Dorr
Roscommon Patrick Dyar
Tipperary John O'Meara
Tipperary Martin Meagher
Tipperary Martin Dwyer
Tipperary Patrick Doherty
Tipperary Patrick Ryan
Tipperary Peter Moloney
Tipperary William Quirke
Tipperary William Gleeson
Waterford Garrett Flavin
Waterford James Baird
Waterford Michael Brennock
Waterford Richard Keane
Waterford Dr Vincent White
Wexford Barry Brereton
Wexford Daniel O'Callaghan
Wexford Hector Hughes
Wexford James Shannon
Wexford John Cummins
Wexford Michael Jordan
Wexford Thomas McCarthy
Wicklow Charles Gaule
Wicklow Colonel Joseph Moore
Wicklow Robert Barton

Total Unsuccessful: 223

*outgoing TD (3)
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