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Candidates by Party - 2015 Westminster General

7 May 2015

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Candidates in bold were elected

 Constituency  Party   Candidate Photo Sex
Antrim East Alex Wilson
Antrim East Roy Beggs
Antrim East Margaret Anne McKillop
Antrim East Noel Jordan
Antrim East Oliver McMullan
Antrim East Ruth Wilson
Antrim East Sammy Wilson*
Antrim East Stewart Dickson
Antrim North Carol Freeman
Antrim North Daithi McKay
Antrim North Declan O'Loan
Antrim North Ian Paisley*
Antrim North Jayne Dunlop
Antrim North Robert Hill
Antrim North Robin Swann
Antrim North Thomas Palmer
Antrim North Timothy Gaston
Antrim South Alan Dunlop
Antrim South Danny Kinahan
Antrim South Declan Kearney
Antrim South Neil Kelly
Antrim South Richard Cairns
Antrim South Rev Dr William McCrea*
Antrim South Roisin Lynch
Belfast East Gavin Robinson
Belfast East Mary Muldoon
Belfast East Naomi Long*
Belfast East Neil Wilson
Belfast East Niall O Donnghaile
Belfast East Ross Brown
Belfast North Alban Maginness
Belfast North Fra Hughes
Belfast North Gemma Weir
Belfast North Gerry Kelly
Belfast North Jason O'Neill
Belfast North Nigel Dodds*
Belfast South Alasdair McDonnell*
Belfast South Ben Manton
Belfast South Bob Stoker
Belfast South Clare Bailey
Belfast South Jonathan Bell
Belfast South Lily Kerr
Belfast South Máirtín O Muilleoir
Belfast South Paula Bradshaw
Belfast South Rodney McCune
Belfast West Alex Attwood
Belfast West Bill Manwaring
Belfast West Brian Higginson
Belfast West Frank McCoubrey
Belfast West Gerard Catney
Belfast West Gerry Carroll
Belfast West John Lowry
Belfast West Paul Maskey
Belfast West Paul Shea
Down North Alex Easton
Down North Andrew Muir
Down North Glenn Donnelly
Down North Jonny Lavery
Down North Mark Brotherston
Down North Steven Agnew
Down North Lady Sylvia Hermon*
Down North Therese McCartney
Down North Tom Woolley
Down North William Cudworth
Down South Chris Hazzard
Down South Felicity Buchan
Down South Harold McKee
Down South Henry Reilly
Down South Jim Wells
Down South Margaret Ritchie*
Down South Martyn Todd
Fermanagh and Tyrone South Hannah Su
Fermanagh and Tyrone South John Coyle
Fermanagh and Tyrone South Michelle Gildernew*
Fermanagh and Tyrone South Tanya Jones
Fermanagh and Tyrone South Tom Elliott
Foyle David Hawthorne
Foyle Gary Middleton
Foyle Gearóid O Heára
Foyle Hamish Badenoch
Foyle Mark Durkan*
Foyle Julia Kee
Foyle Kyle Thompson
Lagan Valley Alan Love
Lagan Valley Alexander Redpath
Lagan Valley Helen Osborne
Lagan Valley Jacqui McGeough
Lagan Valley Jeffrey Donaldson*
Lagan Valley Jonny Orr
Lagan Valley Pat Catney
Lagan Valley Sammy Morrison
Lagan Valley Trevor Lunn
Londonderry East Caoimhe Archibald
Londonderry East Liz St Clair Legge
Londonderry East Gerry Mullan
Londonderry East Gregory Campbell*
Londonderry East Neil Pain
Londonderry East William McCandless
Londonderry East Yvonne Boyle
Newry and Armagh Danny Kennedy
Newry and Armagh Justin McNulty
Newry and Armagh Kate Nicholl
Newry and Armagh Mickey Brady
Newry and Armagh Robert Rigby
Strangford Jim Shannon*
Strangford Joe Jordan
Strangford Joe Boyle
Strangford Johhny Andrews
Strangford Kellie Armstrong
Strangford Robert Burgess
Strangford Sheila Bailie
Strangford Stephen Cooper
Tyrone West Barry Brown
Tyrone West Ciaran McClean
Tyrone West Claire Louise Leyland
Tyrone West Daniel McCrossan
Tyrone West Pat Doherty*
Tyrone West Ross Hussey
Tyrone West Stephen Donnelly
Tyrone West Susan Anne White
Tyrone West Thomas Buchanan
Ulster Mid Alan Day
Ulster Mid Eric Bullick
Ulster Mid Francie Molloy
Ulster Mid Gareth Ferguson
Ulster Mid Hugh Scullion
Ulster Mid Ian McCrea
Ulster Mid Lucille Nicholson
Ulster Mid Malachy Quinn
Ulster Mid Sandra Overend
Upper Bann Amandeep Bhogal
Upper Bann Catherine Seeley
Upper Bann Damien Harte
Upper Bann David Simpson*
Upper Bann Dolores Kelly
Upper Bann Jo Anne Dobson
Upper Bann Martin Kelly
Upper Bann Peter Lavery

Total Candidates: 138

*outgoing MP (15)
¶outgoing MP elected since previous election (2)
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