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Elections to the United Kingdom Parliament held in Northern Ireland
General Election of Thursday 8 October 1959



Changes since 1955

The two Sinn Fein candidates elected in 1955 had both been imprisoned for their part in a raid on Omagh, and were therefore ineligible for election to the House of Commons. In Fermanagh & Tyrone South the losing Unionist candidate was declared elected on 25 October 1955, but in Ulster Mid a new writ was issued for a by election that was held on 11 August 1955.

Following the Ulster Mid by election, Mitchell was again disqualified on petition to the Northern Ireland High Court due to his imprisonment and on 7 October 1955 Beattie was declared elected in his place, although he didn't take his seat. On further petition to a House of Commons Select Committee, it was ruled on 7 February 1956 that Beattie was disqualifed for holding "offices of profit under the Crown" (membership of national insurance and national assistance tribunals), and a second writ was issued for a by election on 8 May 1956.

1955     Ulster Mid     Thomas Mitchell     disqulaified
11 August 1955     Ulster Mid     Thomas Mitchell     won by election
25 October 1955     Fermanagh & Tyrone South     Philip Clarke     disqualified
25 October 1955     Fermanagh & Tyrone South     Robert Grosvenor     declared elected
7 October 1955     Ulster Mid     Thomas Mitchell     disqualified
7 October 1955     Ulster Mid     Charles Beattie     declared elected
7 February 1956     Ulster Mid     Charles Beattie     disqualified
8 May 1956     Ulster Mid     George Forrest     won by election
2 December 1958     Belfast East     Alan McKibbin     died
19 March 1959     Belfast East     Stanley McMaster     won by election


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