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Referendum of 25 November 1992
12th Amendment
Right to Life





This amendment was REJECTED

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Twelfth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1992

Polling at the referendum took place on Wednesday 25 November 1992 between the hours of 9:00am and 9:00pm. Referendums on travel (Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution Bill) and Information (Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution Bill) and a General Election also took place on the same day. The subject matter of the referendum was described as follows in the official polling card sent to each elector:

White Ballot Paper

The Twelfth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1992, proposes to amend Article 40 of the Constitution by the addition of the text here following to subsection 3° of section 3 thereof:

It shall be unlawful to terminate the life of an unborn unless such termination is necessary to save the life, as distinct from the health, of the mother where there is an illness or disorder of the mother giving rise to a real and substantial risk to her life, not being a risk of self-destruction.

(This statement was prescribed by the Referendum (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 1992)

The total number of votes recorded in favour of the proposal was 572,177 and the total number recorded against the proposal was 1,079,297. The proposal was not, therefore, approved by the people.

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