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1998 Constituencies Revision Summary

The main changes in the Constituency Commission Report 1998 concern Dublin Constituencies. A new 3 seater constituency of Dublin Mid West is created from parts of Dublin South West and Dublin West, and an extra seat is added to Dublin South Central to make it a five seater. Dublin North East, Dublin North West and Dublin West are reduced from four to three seats, and Dublin South West loses a seat to become a four seater.

All 11 existing Dublin constituencies are revised to some extent, and there are minor changes to 10 other constituencies across the country.

Members per Constituency

Constituency 28th
Carlow Kilkenny55-
Cavan Monaghan55-
Cork East44-
Cork North Central55-
Cork North West33-
Cork South Central55-
Cork South West33-
Donegal North East33-
Donegal South West33-
Dublin Central44-
Dublin Mid West - 3 +3
Dublin North44-
Dublin North Central44-
Dublin North East43-1
Dublin North West43-1
Dublin South55-
Dublin South Central45+1
Dublin South East44-
Dublin South West54-1
Dublin West43-1
Dun Laoghaire55-
Galway East44-
Galway West55-
Kerry North33-
Kerry South33-
Kildare North33-
Kildare South33-
Laoighis Offaly55-
Limerick East55-
Limerick West33-
Longford Roscommon44-
Sligo Leitrim44-
Tipperary North33-
Tipperary South33-
Wicklow55 -
Total Seats 166 166 -
Total Constituencies 41 42 +1
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